Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our "Obama" endorses Las Vegas

Our Obama lookalike dropped by "Strike Bethesda" on Tuesday, not to bowl, but to schmooze with 300 members of the PCMA. The fun party was hosted by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Association, and the "Prez" put in a good word for Las Vegas as a great place for meetings.

He reminded the event and meeting planners that Las Vegas is the #1 destination in the country for meetings and conventions. Here's why: Not just the flashy shows and casinos! Las Vegas has 6.7 million square feet of convention space, and an additional 3 million square feet at individual properties. Last year 22,454 conventions and meetings came to Las Vegas!

These meetings pumped 8.5 billion dollars into the economy. We call that some kind of stiumulus! And oh yes, lest we forget--Las Vegas is FUN!

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