Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy weekend--does this mean that the economy is picking up, guys?

Today's lesson: Remember to feed the performers

We did twelve events, from coast to coast, this weekend! Huge company picnic in Maryland, kept going joyfully inspite of the heavy downpour! Obama look-alike appeared at a fundraiser for an African charity, and was inspiring and inspired! Our Clinton impersonator kept them laughing at a small party on the Potomac, while our Robin Leach impersonator was a hit at a 50th birthday party. Lion Dancers rocked at the California Academy of Sciences on Saturday. Then on Sunday, a Chinese dance troupe at Cal. Academy. A safari theme for a toddler on his first birthday, where the only mishap was a llama eating a potted plant. Juggler on stilts for a retail store, face painters at the Smithsonian, lovely women handing out chips at a casino party, spies at the Spy Museum, and a face painters at a Farmers' Market.
Did I leave anything out????

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you know what a beat box juggler is?

Neither did I, till I saw Bronkar perform! Yesterday he showed off his unique skills, compliments of Cast of Thousands, to an audience of ISES-Northern California members at the beautiful Fox Theater in Oakland. He rocked.

This was a tough audience of "been there, done that" event planners, entertainment producers, and other professionals involved with special events.

Linda Thompson of Cappa-Graham exclaimed, "I was immediately captivated!"

Since blogs are supposed to be short, it's hard to describe what he does, so just contact Cast of Thousands for more info! Or call me at 888-277-2278!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strolling Buffet and Cigarette Girl at Roe Restaurant

A big internet conference was in town, and it was wall to wall techies (mostly male) at the trendy Roe Restaurant, in SOMA, San Francisco. The guys were talking excitedly about servers, usb's and quad cores...so, a feminine touch was needed!
Enter the strolling live buffet and a perky cigarette girl, colors coordinated, per client request, with the Roe decor. (And natch, we were handing out chocolates, not cigarettes!)