Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Key West Theme at West Belmont Place

We were invited to add to the fun at a client party hosted by Sharon Meyers of the National Conference Center in Lansdowne, Virginia. The NCC was showing off its new ballroom at West Belmont Place, and wanted a light hearted theme to take everyone's mind of the current economic situation. Our interactive characters included a couple of "Tacky Tourists" loaded down with cameras, guide books, and the requisite black socks being worn with shorts! An Island Greeter on stilts welcomed everyone and surprised them with his "air cannon" that shot foam balls high in the air. He also wore a big rubber ducky flotation device and led everyone on a hilarious conga line. Joe the Beach Comber had a bag of silly trinkets which he tried to trade for nice jewelry and watches worn by some of the guests. (They didn't fall for it, by the way!)

Here's what Sharon had to say after the event: "The Tacky Tourists, Joe the Beach Comber & The Island Greeter were the perfect blend of characters for our 2nd annual Client Event - Beach Party Theme! All of the guests really enjoyed them wondering through the crowd. It is always great working with you & your company!"

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