Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy weekend--does this mean that the economy is picking up, guys?

Today's lesson: Remember to feed the performers

We did twelve events, from coast to coast, this weekend! Huge company picnic in Maryland, kept going joyfully inspite of the heavy downpour! Obama look-alike appeared at a fundraiser for an African charity, and was inspiring and inspired! Our Clinton impersonator kept them laughing at a small party on the Potomac, while our Robin Leach impersonator was a hit at a 50th birthday party. Lion Dancers rocked at the California Academy of Sciences on Saturday. Then on Sunday, a Chinese dance troupe at Cal. Academy. A safari theme for a toddler on his first birthday, where the only mishap was a llama eating a potted plant. Juggler on stilts for a retail store, face painters at the Smithsonian, lovely women handing out chips at a casino party, spies at the Spy Museum, and a face painters at a Farmers' Market.
Did I leave anything out????

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