Monday, August 2, 2010

Our "Hangover" impersonators have fun at a Giants game. This is work?

Phil, Vegas Show Girls and Mr. Chow (nobody was really drinking by the way!)

"Wolfman" faces the media!  He got to be on the Jumbotron.  How cool is that?

Practicing the "Wolf Pack" speech!

Appearing at Mo Mo's for pre-game fun.

At the Miller/Coors Party Deck watching the game, and being on the "Kiss Cam" too!

We're married!  And where's my tooth?????
Like they say, a tough job but somebody has to do it.  We were hired to portray the spaced out characters from the movie "The Hangover" who were supposedly  in San Francisco to see the Giants vs. the Dodgers.  First a pub crawl to various beer joints near AT&T Park, then various stunts at the game itself.   Many many people got the joke right away, and burst out laughing before any of the characters even said the first word.  The big hit was the baby "Carlos!"  So the actors got to perform on the Jumbotron for an audience of thousands, and poor things, had to kiss for the "Kiss Cam" also on the Jumbotron.  And they still want to be paid?????
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